Reviews & Testimonials

Jim - ActiveWear Original Ostomy Support Belt

I was somewhat hesitant thinking that when buying this belt it would only be for when I'm hitting the lanes, but I wear my active wear belt to sleep and to work, and when I go out I wear it then too. It's a very well made, all around been very comfortable belt and works great. Has helped a lot and the belt turned out to be more for my daily use and rarely for my active use. I guess I was thinking it was just for when I play golf. I'm also very new to the ostomy buying process and was confused when first ordering. I actually ended up entering my wrong ring size which someone then contacted me (as this is apparently a common mistake) and was pleased with the attention to detail. Very glad to have found you, will be back. 

Mike Maurer - ActiveWear Original Ostomy Support Belt

I ordered my ActiveWear Simplicity Ostomy Support Belt a few months ago to wear when I kickbox. The belt works great, the construction is excellent and would order again. During the ordering process I had several questions and the online support was very prompt and helpful. 

One thing I would point out is the sizing might be somewhat confusing, I ordered my belt 4" too small and was going to use the belt extender, but because the measurements are for the belt when it is not stretching at all, I didn't need to use the extender, but I also wanted to wear the belt fairly snugly to help reinforce the ostomy seal when working out. If you're only planning to use the belt to help position the pouch, then this is probably not a concern, but I would recommend ordering at least a few inches smaller, since the neoprene will stretch and the closure has several notches to choose from to further adjust the sizing.

Sussanne - ActiveWear Ostomy Support Wrap

I would like to first start by saying thank you to the PouchWear staff. They helped me with my order and my measurements. The 4 wraps I received fit perfectly. It is both my hip and waist measurement, or I should say stoma waist measurement, and doesn't move on me throughout my day. There are elastic bands that provide an extra snug feel on the top and bottom of the wrap. The fabric itself is also conforming. The pocket and area inside are very roomy with a bit of extra space on the sides. I've had my bag fill to full while sleeping. When I wake up I am still able to empty it with it being full with no problems. I've tried a couple of other places prior before finding PouchWear but I can say hands down, these wraps work great. I couldn't be happier. My bag, although here permanently, is I'm not sure how to say, but I'm only reminded of this when my bag begins to get full, etc. Otherwise, it might as well not even exist, because for a few hours in between empting, I forget I have a bag or that I'm wearing a wrap to cover it. Also, the bands make the wrap disappear under clothing. You can't see the wrap line unless your wearing light clothing. I ordered all dark colors.

Mitchell - Review of SwimWear Original Ostomy Support Belt

I'm a pretty active guy and I haven't had much luck with getting the support I was looking for. I heard about your company through others and decided to make the 'investment' and WOW, I'm very glad I did. I love this belt sooooooooo much. I cann't even begin to tell you how well its worked and my self-esteem is off the charts. I got hit pretty hard emotionally but have made a full rebound. I'm now the one telling others about your company and how happy its made me. I would love some brochures or catalogues to hand out as everyone that sees, OR DOESNT! see (my ostomy bag) thinks this is the best thing ever. Thank you for making this product and thank you soooooo much for sharing this. I'm soooo happy, TY! TY! TY! I only had one tiny issue, it took a bit longer than I would have liked but it was so worth the wait, I guess every one wants one!

Mammy & Grammy - DesignWear Ostomy Support Wrap

My mom is really enjoying her new wraps. She says she doesn't feel so icky and that its a great addition to her clothing. She feels like dressing up again and that has really changed her a lot. thank you, from both of us

Stephen - Embroidered Ostomy Pouch Cover

Finally some quality. Not only are these covers so much fun, look amazing, feel comfortable, but are also very well made. You made a customer for life. Thank you.

Anonymous - ActiveWear Ostomy Support Wrap

I really like the two new wraps. They are more form fitting. Was thinking about ordering a swimwear one soon. I have been bragging up your wraps and belt to my ostomy nurse.

Henry - ActiveWear MultiWear Ostomy Support Belt

This ostomy support belt works really well. It has a nice feel around my waist and I have no problem wearing it for days at a time. The pouch compartment does a good job of supporting my urostomy bag and is all around a very convenient belt. I will definitely order more and am very happy to finally find something that meets my new ostomy needs. Many thanks to all for my support belt, I couldn't be happier with this product. Five Stars. 

Anonymous - SwimWear Ostomy Support Wrap

the extenders you sent are very well made and work great the color match was great. the wraps i wear 24-7 for work and play no problems no leaks and the pocket design with ease of empting are the best i ever tryed thanks for the help with all my ordering. 

Samantha P - SwimWear MultiWear Ostomy Support Belt

I have tried sooooo many different belts and this is definately the best one out there. I not only get to go swimming again, but I can wear it even when i'm not swimming. I even where it when i'm sleeping. And the fact that I have been able to order more pouches is a good thing on my wallet. Thank you very much for making such a great product. A true hidden gem!

Harold - Ostomy Shower Cover

I bought a shower cover to help with getting ready in the mornings. The bag stays dry which gives me more time. Protects the filter which wears out really easy for water and pretty much ruins the bag from that point. My wafer is the only part that gets wet but is very quick and easy to dry. I would love to have something for the wafer but at least its a lot less time to dry, and especially since I don't end up with a wet spot in my clothing. Maybe you guys could make one to cover the wafer too? Thanks!

Anonymous - RelaxedWear MultiWear Ostomy Support Belt

I just received my Relaxed Wear belt and am very pleased with the product. I will definitely be ordering more styles! I am amazed by how comfortable it is. Also, the belt feels very secure and was sized just how I had hoped it would be.
Note: While ordering, if I was debating between two different dimensions, I always went with the smaller one to account for stretching. This turned out to work perfect for me!
I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an ostomy support belt.

Patrick R - DesignWear Original Ostomy Support Belt

I love my new pouchwear belt. These fabrics look even better than the pictures. Everyone in my support group laughs at me because I keep popping up my shirt and flashing my belt. I think you will be gettin a lot of calls soon! Amazing product!

Michael Hoag - Review of SwimWear Sleek Support Belt

Hi Micah, First off, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to try your Sleek 360. I must say I was a little apprehensive when I first held it in my hands and not sure if I even wanted to consider trying it because it seemed real light weight and delicate and did not look like something that could handle an active life style. But I figured that I would try it for a week or two and see how it worked out.

I used the new sleek 360 (w/swimming material) for two weeks and was very impressed with your new product. The sleek 360 was very flexible and comfortable to wear to the point that I almost forgot it was there. During this two week trial period I played a total of 6 rounds (18 hole per round) of gold, I spent more than 10 hours in the spa an added up 6 hours of fun in the sun on Lake Oroville swimming and riding my jet ski. The only time I did not wear the sleek 360 was when it was drying after being in the water. The weather here for the last two weeks has been in the high 90's to the low 100's, with that being said here is my evaluation of your vertical sleek 360! I love the swimming material it's much easier to work with and differently has a more invisible profile than previous pouch wear products, it was hardily noticeable under my bathing suit. The sleek 360 is very comfortable to wear even for 24 hour. The material reduces perspiration where it has skin contact. The two hooks that attach to the barrier tabs do and excellent job of holding everything in place even with spa jets and air bubbles hitting the skin barriers. With the flexibility of the material the pouch was much easier to feed through the reinforced stoma support hole. I would not hesitate to purchase one of these units to use in my active life style.

Sincerely Michael Hoag

Dean Cole - Review of SwimWear Sleek Support Belt

Thank you for contacting me and giving me an opportunity to try out the new product. I made use of this with a recent trip to Daytona. Two weeks in the sun and no issues, was in the ocean quite a bit and laying out in the sun. It felt really good against my skin, was very comfortable the entire trip. I even left it on to shower with. I did notice that the flange doesn't get wet when showering so that was a big plus. Staying in the pool and ocean for long period of time soaked the flange but the two hook "adapters" kept everything in place. I didn't experience any leaks and I can tell you it works very well as I've always had leaks before. I didn't know, when my wife was explaining on the forums about my disastrous experiences with other products, that I would find such an outstanding one. Not to mention she really loves it as well. She says when I'm happy, she's happy. Thank you again for the opportunity and reaching out and helping me heal, I mean it.

Warm regards, D. Cole

Nicholas - Comments about ActiveWear & SwimWear Simplicity Support Belts

Hello all, After having my surgery earlier this year I found extreme difficulties with my bags/flanges leaking while I was sleeping or just plain falling off after days. After some searching around on Google I came acress the PouchWear system. I sent in my measurements and promptly ordered one of the modular belts. I actually screwed up my measurements and the PouchWear team was quick to respond and help me understand exactly what I needed to measure and modified my order for me. The arrival of the pouch has been nothing short of amazing. My flange/bags easily last for over a week, and I can't imagine going into work without wearing it. I feel much less nervous about leaks, crinkles, and the uncontrollable noises my stoma makes throughout the day. I plan on having 2-3 more of these belts to ensure I'm never without one. Thank you so much for your help through this adjustment period and for coming up with a product that's really made adjusting to having an ostomy MUCH easier.

Alan - Review of ActiveWearSimplicity Support Belt

Here is my review on your new one piece Simplicity. I love the new design as it makes it much easier to use than with the old classic. It looks really good as well because you can't see any of the sewing marks in it. The entire support belt is just one solid piece of fabric which makes me feel alot more confident when taking off my shirt when playing basketball. My friends say it looks cool. I'm much happier with this belt but the old one wasn't bad this just looks better. I will send you pictures once I get my camera back from my sis. I really appreciate all the help as I was struggling to find a belt that would help me with my activity level. Thanks again for the support belt.
Regards, Alan

Deena - Review of ActiveWear Sleek Support Belt

Hi Micah,
Deena really loves her sleek belt. She's been swimming and playing a lot since she got it. She starts to cry when I tell her it's time to wash it. She's been through a lot. Everything works really well with it. She's saved a couple boxes of supplies since it arrived. That's been about two months now, so we're really happy about that. I could see the support belt paying for itself within a couple more months. I appreciate the phone calls and the follow up. You are right, it is a necessity. It's completely changed her and we couldn't be happier. Very happy customers.

Thank you,
Pam & Barry & Deena

Michael Donaldson - Review of SwimWear Sleek Support Belt with leak proofing and noise muffling

I was very pleased with the product as you sent it. The entire belt fits like a glove. As for the neoprene, either way would be fine. The color is fine, blends in fine. I thing you have a winner. I would definitely buy one. Makes swimming a pleasure again. I tried it in the ocean and in pools, It is a plus in either situation.
Thanks again, Michael

Jamie - Comments about ActiveWear Simplicity Support Belt

I have just received 2 Simplicity belts with Active wear. They are absolutely awesome!! I can't believe how comfy they are, really brilliant. They also look very sleek, perfect for wearing when I have my top off down at the beach in the summer without feeling self conscious. The active wear is fab, I usually get quite sweaty where my support belt is bit not with these ones. Can't sing your praises any more guys, I am one delighted customer!! Thank you very much!

Stephanie Hughes from "The Stolen Colon" - Review of RelaxedWear Sleek Support Belt

PouchWear: How was the triathlon, was it crazy? Congrats on your successful run!

Stephanie Hughes: Thank you so much! The triathlon was a little crazy, but I'm glad to have done it.

PouchWear: You will be reviewing a vase Sleek model with gray comfort stretch (no upgrades). Let's get started. How does it feel? Would you consider it comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time?

Stephanie Hughes: The belt is very comfortable. The fabric is soft and doesn't rub my skin. I have worn it for full days of work and it has been comfortable the whole time.

PouchWear: How did it fit? Was it too tight? Too loose? Do you feel like it fit just right?

Stephanie Hughes: The fit is great around my waist.

PouchWear: Do all the measurements fit correctly to your specifications?

Stephanie Hughes: The measurements fit great around my bag and around my waist.

PouchWear: Do you feel any additional benefits to wearing a support belt than not to?

Stephanie Hughes: Especially wearing a dress, I think a support belt is essential. It gives support under the bag, especially if it's filling up, and I don't feel the bag pulling on my skin.

PouchWear: What do you think about the designs & features? e.g. the look, equip/unequip, flip-out pocket for draining?

Stephanie Hughes: I like that only the one part is longer, so it can be thinner around the rest of your waist. Also, the flip pocket is perfect! It makes it so much easier without worrying about moving the belt around.

PouchWear: Do you feel as if it's discreet?

Stephanie Hughes: Yes, even under relatively form-fitting clothing, it was not noticeable.

PouchWear: Are you active enough that you feel the support belt could handle your activity levels?

Stephanie Hughes: I am an active person, however, I don't prefer to wear a belt when I am working out. But I definitely think it could handle the activity, but I feel it might be a little restricting when running and because I think that I would sweat too much with it on. But I am up and moving around quite a bit during the day and it can definitely handle a lot of motion.

PouchWear: I forgot to ask whether you wanted the neoprene lining (classic upgrade) in the front, for gas etc. Do you feel as if that's something you would like? Or would benefit you?

Stephanie Hughes: I'm not positive if it would be as useful to me. I don't tend to have much gas noise, at least not enough to ever bother me. Another note is that one day while I was wearing it, I had a pretty bad leak. But the belt kept it from becoming an even bigger mess and protected my clothing.

PouchWear: Thank you so much Stephanie, we appreciate your feedback!

Stephanie Hughes: Again, Micah, I really appreciate you asking me.

You can read more about Stephanie Hughes and how she takes on the issues we all deal with @