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Shower Covers

PouchWear Ostomy Shower Cover - Fully encloses the ostomy bag within a reusable waterproof fabric to provide maximum protection while showering. Keeps the ostomy bag filter dry.

PouchWear ostomy shower covers offer an affordable way to enjoy showering with an ostomy bag. A quick, easy, and painless way to shield your ostomy bag from incoming water. Made with a flexible, stretch ring for easy equip/removal to create a seal around the stoma flange ring. Eliminate odor from ruined charcoal filters, protect your ostomy bag and extend the life of your ostomy supplies. Save time and money by extending your wear time and enjoy a stress free shower with a PouchWear Ostomy Shower Cover. Shower again in freedom, on your terms!
Sorry, PouchWear ostomy shower covers are not designed to go swimming in and will not provide any waterproof feature in that effect.

If looking for all day, everyday supports for your ostomy bag, check out our Ostomy Support Wraps or Ostomy Support Belts!

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