Important Site Updates

Written by Ostomy Bag Holder .com


Posted on July 12 2019

In working to improve site experience & support availability, store updates are underway. While the site is under maintenance, you will still be able to shop & view your account, however, you may notice new site features becoming available, new category or product layouts, some new page URLs, and even a couple of new products!

We welcome your feedback as these updates are made and will make additional announcements as the updates are completed & available.


We recently had a number of system errors that did not allow us to receive or send out communications. Some automated updates & store communications were also affected.

How does this affect you:

Unfortunately, due to the scope of the issue that was experienced, communications or messages sent to us within the last two weeks may not have been received. Additionally, some follow-up contacts sent from us, in response to communications that were received, have reportedly also not been received.

The next step:

This issue has now been corrected. We are beginning to receive some communications & messages that were sent within the affected time period and, per reports, some outgoing responses have also now been received.

Since we are unable to determine if all communications & messages are able to be recovered, we highly recommend resubmitting any contacts that have not received a reply. Our team is working hard to respond to the communications & messages that are now able to be received in our system.

We apologize in advance if multiple contacts are sent/received as everything is sorted & updated, and for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.