Fabric Specialization

Written by Ostomy Bag Holder .com


Posted on October 24 2018

From the beginning, comfort, durability, and functionality has been priority in every step of the creation of PouchWear products. From the application of strategic tailoring processes and numerous sizing & option selections, to the materials the products are made from, you can bet on PouchWear's superior quality.

RelaxedWear Fabric SpecializationOur original product materials were our RelaxedWear fabrics. This wide knit material is your pleasantly cozy option for ostomy supports. Standard, soft & comfortable, RelaxedWear fabric is ideal for cooler weather or every day leisurely activities with the same feel as your favorite cotton t-shirt.


As we continued to grow, we identified the need for additional material options, specializing fabrics for better utilization in activities such as working out, swimming, accessorizing, etc.

 ActiveWear Fabric SpecializationActiveWear fabrics were introduced to meet the needs of an active ostomate, seeking materials that assist in increasing aeration while working up a sweat. This antimicrobial material includes a wick layer that assists in reducing moisture, similar to fabrics used in athletic wear / sports apparel
 SwimWear Fabric Specialization
SwimWear fabrics are perfect for all water activities. This light-weight, low-absorbency material reduces drag while in the water & dries more quickly when getting out of the water. DesignWear fabrics can be chosen if seeking this material in colorful prints & graphics. These fabrics are similar to materials used in swim suits or water sport apparel.

So how does this help?

Knowing there is an option for everything & anything you can think of can be both helpful, and sometimes overwhelming, however, the more you know, the more decisive you can be. Having specialized materials to suit any activity you can engage in helps ensure your ostomy will not get in your way.
Want to go swimming? Great! Have your supports made with SwimWear or DesignWear materials. Sweat a lot at the gym? No problem! Get those supports with ActiveWear materials. Just need a standard soft material? Absolutely! RelaxedWear materials are just right for you.

Does this mean I need to get one of everything?

Not at all. Just like you can go swimming in a t-shirt & shorts or go jogging in your sweat pants, so too can you use any and all fabrics for any and all activities, we are just giving you the option to choose. All fabric specializations are soft enough to be worn 24/7, 365, even while sleeping.