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ActiveWear Fabric Ostomy Pouch Cover

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PouchWear Premium Custom Collection


ActiveWear Fabric Specialization

ActiveWear Ostomy Pouch Covers work with any urostomy, colostomy, or ileostomy bag & is custom made to fit you, your stoma, & your ostomy needs.

The ActiveWear Ostomy Pouch Cover is a lightweight and thin ostomy bag pouch cover for your colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy bag. Custom make your pouch cover into an urostomy cover by choosing option for a 'round bottom', to provide extra room for the spigot, in pocket styles. Choose 'flat bottom' option for colostomy covers & ileostomy covers so your bag will rest flat against the bottom portion of your pouch cover. ActiveWear ostomy supports use a moisture-management, antimicrobial back panel that fully encloses your ostomy bag and helps release moisture to keep you cool. A customizable pocket style where you can choose from zipper, Velcro, flip-out with fabric overlay, enclosed, or with an open bottom. Available upgrade option includes a Shade Upgrade that will help with your overall bag & stoma discretion. These ostomy bag covers are available for men, women, and children. You can swim with your ostomy with this cover as the material is not damaged or affected by water or oils. A stretchy, reinforced neoprene ring creates a sturdy ring found nowhere else. This ring helps provide a counterweight so that your ostomy bag isn’t drooping or falling off. This premium ostomy product not only conceals and keeps sharp pointy bag edges away from the skin but can also keep waste inside so that your clothing isn’t affected. Also helps with allergies to ostomy products as well as with skin irritation due to constant waste exposure.

PouchWear ostomy pouch covers are considered an ostomy accessory; if seeking support for your appliance, check out the Ostomy Support Wraps or Ostomy Support Belts.

Build Your Pouch Cover

*Image depicts back side of pouch cover and the use of the information entered towards building your fully customized pouch cover*

• stretch ring and flip out pocket for easy equip/un-equip & draining of bag without removing the cover
• extends the wear time of your ostomy bag (change the bag less often)
• fully encloses ostomy bag within the cover, the bag will no longer touch the skin (no pokey corners)
• made with comfortable materials (can be worn 24/7, even while sleeping)
• fully customized to fit you and your ostomy appliance
• can be used for any one-piece or two-piece ostomy: colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy

Custom Accessory ActiveWear Fabric Specialization Custom Tailored Antibacterial Materials PouchWear Premium Custom Collection

ActiveWear Fabric Ostomy Pouch Cover is part of the PouchWear Premium Custom Collection; a collection of fully custom tailored ostomy support products made from scratch to fit your ostomy appliance, your preferences and your ostomy needs. Choose your fabrics, colors, measurements, & upgrades!

Measuring Guide


Pocket Style

Pocket Shape


Choose the shape of the pouch along with the type of closure for your pouch:

• ROUND - round bottom, best for bags with a round shape & urostomy appliances to contain drainage spout.
• FLAT - standard flat bottom with curved edges, perfect for wide bottom bags, or appliances with clips or hard-bar closures.

enclosed pocketflip-out pocketzipper pocketvelcro pocketopen bottom pocket

• ENCLOSED - ideal for close ended ostomy appliances, will have no pocket & no opening at the bottom of the pouch cover.
• FLIP-OUT - standard, thin profile & most descreet under clothing. Pocket closed & opened via a fabric overlay to keep bag away from skin & allow easy access.
• ZIPPER - pocket closed & opened via a zipper with a fabric overlay to keep zipper off of body.
• VELCRO - pocket closed & opened using velcro with a fabric overlay to keep the velcro off the body.
• OPEN BOTTOM - contains internal pocket, bottom of pouch remains open. Not recommended for horizontally worn bags.


Ring Size
*This is not the size of the stoma opening. Do not use box measurements*

ring size

To measure, lay the bag down on a flat surface with the front of the bag facing you and fold the left side of the bag towards the middle until unable to fold any further; this will expose the area where the bag and flange/wafer meet. Repeat for the right side of the bag and measure the diameter of the ring; from the fold on the left to the fold on the right. Do not include tabs into the measurement. All ring openings are flexible and will be able to stretch over any tabs while equipping.

*If your ring is oblong, or oval in shape, follow the steps to measure from left to right, then also measure from the top of the ring to the bottom of the ring and specify the additional measurement in the 'special instructions' option.


Ring Placement
This measurement refers to the amount of space between the top of the bag and the top of the ring, or where the ring is located on the bag.

To measure, lay the bag down on a flat surface with the front of the bag facing you, and fold the top of the bag down towards the middle until unable to fold any further. Measure from the fold you created to what was the top of the bag. This measurement will average around 1", sometimes a bit more or a bit less.

ring placement


Bag Width
The bag width refers to the measurement from the left to the right of the widest part of the bag. For bags that are kidney, or unusually shaped, measure to and from the furthest edges.

bag width


Bag Length
The bag length refers to the measurement from the top of the bag to the bottom of the bag.
Assure the bag is closed, like when worn on the body, prior to measuring. Fold & close any ends that are usually folded.

bag length


Type of Ostomy
Specify if your ostomy is a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy as well as whether the appliance is a one-piece, or two-piece, appliance.



Shade Upgrade
Add an internal lining that provides added structure & reduces bag wrinkles under clothing.

The lining will not be visible from outside of the pouch.


Rush Manufacturing
Choosing a rush manufacturing option will reduce the average manufacturing time frame to custom tailor the item(s). This does not include the shipping time for delivery of the item.
Shipping time frames are applied after the item has completed manufacturing & left the facility.

 All invoice items must have the same rush manufacturing option applied to qualify for rush manufacturing. Partial rush orders will not qualify for rush manufacturing & any charges will be credited to your in-store account. If your requested manufacturing time frame is unable to be met, your rush manufacturing difference will be credited to your in-store account and the next available rush manufacturing option will be applied automatically. Due to the customization of all products, we are unable to guarantee any rush service. Please specify your "needed by date" on your invoice. Images are visual depictions noting the tailoring time frames; they are examples & for reference only. Please review the Shipping page for further information.

Additional Details

Detail Summary:
Fully encloses ostomy bag. Stretch ring for a snug fit & easy equip. Flip out pocket for easy draining while keeping the ostomy bag away from the skin.
Care Instructions:
Machine washable on delicate & low-heat dryer safe.
Cover is tailored from licensed fabrics and is manufactured by MDW Innovations LLC. There is no affiliation between MDW Innovations LLC and the trademark holder.
Made with wicked material to reduce sweat build-up. Product may contain: neoprene, cotton, fleece, polyester, spandex, rayon, and/or lycra.
Shade Upgrade (optional):
Internal lining provides added structure & reduces bag wrinkles under clothing.
Standard Manufacturing Timeframes:
Please allow 10-15 business days, on average, prior to shipping.
PouchWear Premium Custom Collection:
This is a custom, made-to-order item and is not returnable.

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