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  • ActiveWear Sleek Ostomy Sport Support Band by PouchWear @ostomybagholder.com
  • ActiveWear Gray Sleek Ostomy Support Band, Vertically Worn

ActiveWear Sleek Ostomy Sport Support Band

$100.00 (You save $10.00)
PouchWear Premium Custom Collection

    Measuring Guide  Upgrade Information  Measuring Video  Equipping Video

    ActiveWear Ostomy Supports from Ostomybagholder.com allows your body to breath keeping your body cooler and drier longer.

    ActiveWear Sleek Ostomy Sport Support Band is a seamless ostomy waistband. Wicking materials let your body breath keeping you cool and dry longer. Its quick drying feature keeps this ostomy sport support band ready for extended ostomy support wear. PouchWear Ostomybagholder.com products are completely custom made to order and guaranteed to fit. Works with Colostomy, Urostomy, or Ileostomy. 

    The ActiveWear Sleek Ostomy Sport Support Band is in a completely different class of its own. This unique band allows for not only the best in high activity by keeping you cool and dry, but by the additional upgrades that rank these bands high above the competition. Custom made to your exact measurements, this band will always return to new after a hard day by running it in the dryer for a few minutes. Its light, stretchy, structured materials conform to your body, moving as you move. Completely encloses your ostomy bag within a flip out pocket for easy drainage. Choose from additional upgrades to create a unique one of a kind ostomy sport support band. Extensions allow you to build your band higher or lower around your stoma for maximum protection and herniated stoma. Ostomy Flange support upgrade keeps a tight compression over the flange to assist during times of immense heat and sweat where your flange may otherwise peel, come loose, or fall off. Additional upgrades like bag discretion and noise muffling keep a nice uniformed and quiet stoma. Speaking of discretion, the Flex Band Upgrade reduces unsightly product lines concealing your ostomy bag and band with superior unsurpassed discretion. Our 360 Leak protection can be useful if you experience any difficulty with leakage. Built to create a compressed ring around the stoma to assist in preventing side leaks.  All this backed by a 30 day fit guarantee where you can ensure that your ostomy sport support band will fit the way you want it to. It's guaranteed. All of this and more only at PouchWear.

    Sleek Ostomy Sport Support Band

    *Image depicts back side of the Sleek Band and the use of the information entered towards building your fully customized support*

    • materials used allows for additional air flow to keep the body cooler
    • Double reinforced back panel to provide extreme flange control now included
    • supports the flange/wafer to prevent your appliance from falling off
    • provides moderate to heavy support (perfect for strenuous activities)
    • extends the wear time of your ostomy appliance (change the appliance less often)
    • fully encloses ostomy bag within the belt, the bag will no longer touch the skin (for comfort & hygiene)
    • internal neoprene lining with structured back panel for full flange support (no digging or bruising the skin)
    • made with comfortable stretch materials for form-fitting wear (can be worn 24/7, even while sleeping)
    • stretch ring and flip out pocket for easy equip/un-equip & draining of bag without removing the belt
    • thin profile on the body and seamless front panel for added discretion
    • fully customized to fit you and your ostomy appliance (will fit like a glove)
    • can be used for any one-piece or two piece ostomy: colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy
    • can be tailored to be worn horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the body
    • upgrade options available (pay for only what you need)

    Moderate To Heavy Support ActiveWear Fabric Specialization Custom Tailored Good For Swimming Good For Intimacy Good For Sleeping Antibacterial Materials PouchWear Premium Custom Collection

    ActiveWear Sleek Ostomy Sport Support Belt is part of the PouchWear Premium Custom Collection; a collection of fully custom tailored ostomy support products made from scratch to fit your ostomy appliance, your preferences and your ostomy needs. Choose your fabrics, colors, measurements, & upgrades!

    Measuring Guide  Upgrade Information  Measuring Video  Equipping Video

    Detail Summary:
    Heavy Support. Worn as a band around the body, seamless with no closures. Fully encloses ostomy bag while providing support for the flange. Upgrade options available.
    Care Instructions:
    Machine washable on delicate & low-heat dryer safe. Connect any closures prior to washing.
    Made with wicked material to reduce sweat build-up. Products may include: neoprene, cotton, polyester, spandex, rayon, and/or lycra.
    Upper Belt Extension (optional):
    Added width to the top of the belt. Preferred for ostomates who need support for bulges or hernias above the belt area.
    Lower Belt Extension (optional):
    Added width to the bottom of the belt. Preferred for ostomates who need support for bulges or hernias below the belt area.
    360 Upgrade (optional):
    Added support around the ring area to help prevent leaks. Ideal for ostomates who struggle with keeping the flange on the body, have uneven areas around the stoma, or have persistent leak issues.
    Classic Upgrade (optional):
    Internal lining to reduce bag wrinkles, increase bag discretion under clothing, & helps to evenly distribute waste. Noise muffling can also be added.
    Sport Upgrade (optional):
    Added internal structure & re-enforcement to the back panel of the support belt to increase the support around the flange area while engaging in extreme, high motion activities.
    Flex Upgrade (optional):
    Internal bands for added concealment of the belt. Ideal for ostomates who wear tight clothing.
    Please allow 15-20 business days for tailoring, on average, prior to shipping.
    PouchWear Premium Custom Collection:
    This is a custom, made-to-order item and is not returnable.

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