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How to Shop

*Ensure that you have a measuring tape/ruler and your ostomy &/or drainage appliance available for measuring when placing an order*
Review of 'How to Measure' & 'How to Equip' is also available for more information.

This page can be utilized to learn how to navigate the site to find the best support to fit your needs:

Step One Identify the type, & level, of support you are looking for:

Supports specific for ostomates who adhere an ostomy bag to their abdomen to catch waste drained from the body via a stoma. Tailored for colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy bags.

The 'Ostomy Products' page will list information & specific products available.

Ostomy bag support products include: Ostomy beltsostomy wrapspouch coversshower covers, or support pillows. Supports will differ in the level/amount of support provided and the way it is equipped/worn on the body.


Supports specific for holding drainage/catheter bags used to catch waste drained from the body via a tube, or port, extending from the body.

The 'Catheter Bag Holders' page will list information & specific products available.

Drainage/catheter bag support products include: a leg wrapthigh wrap, or waist belt. Supports will differ in the way it is equipped/worn on the body. Ensure you speak with your medical provider to identify the best place for your bag to be held.

Support Products   Level of Support   Product Summary
Belts & Bands:   Heavy to Moderate   For any strenuous activities / high activity. Internal neoprene lining for added structure, functionality, & long lasting form-fit. Tailored to enclose the bag, to the full width/length at the bag location, then will taper down to 3" around the body for comfort.
Wraps:   Light to Moderate   For all day, normal wear. Holds bag snug against the body without hindering output. Tailored to extend the width/length of bag on the body.
Pouch Covers:   Accessory   Fully enclose & conceal the contents of the ostomy bag.
Shower Covers:   Prevention   Keep the ostomy bag & bag filter dry when showering.
Ostomy Pillows:   Prevention   Prevent night-time, roll-over ostomy bag blow-outs.


 Step Two Choose your product(s):

Products will be found on the website via their respective category pages, 'Ostomy Products' & 'Catheter Bag Holders', by scrolling down the page. Products will have additional information provided on the product image:

Product Image 

Additional information about the product will be found by clicking on the product and reviewing it's product page.
Product pages will contain full product descriptions & measuring videos, &/or instructions, in the 'Description' tab as well as fabric information, tailoring timeframes & care instructions in the 'More Info' tab, both located at the bottom of the product page. Measurement information & product options will be entered on the product page.

Review of the measuring instructions is needed to ensure accurate measurements are provided. All items ordered will be fully tailored, from scratch, to the information specified on the invoice when placing your order.

Step Three Review your cart & checkout:

Clicking the 'Add to Cart' button below the product options will add the item to your shopping cart. The shopping cart will provide a summary of item(s) that have been added, will allow you to enter any gift certificate or coupon codes, and will allow you to proceed to checkout once your information is reviewed. Creating &/or logging into your account will provide additional opportunities to save & allow for review of any orders placed at any time. Promotion or sale information can also be reviewed via the 'Discount Deals' page.

An invoice will be emailed to you upon completion of your order for your review. This invoice will include your invoice/reference number, the items ordered, and the measurements & information that were added to your cart. Please contact a support specialist via phone or email if any changes to the invoice are needed.