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ActiveWear Concept Ostomy Support Band

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The ActiveWear Concept Ostomy Bag Support Band is a non-adjustable compression style band, made with ActiveWear materials. These materials are moisture management fabrics, reducing heat & sweat build-up, similar to materials used in athletic clothing. Get the maximum support of a band, with materials to keep you cooler, longer!

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What is a Concept Ostomy Band?

The name Concept is given to the wear style of this particular ostomy support band: it is a single-piece band and is non-adjustable on the body. It is equipped by stepping into the band and pulling it up & worn over the appliance, just like a wrap, but with the structure & support of a belt. This structure includes a compression style, snug fit; best utilized for those with Colostomy bags, or with thicker, less frequent, output. The appliance will be worn in the horizontal position while wearing the Concept, with or without the addition of a pocket, keeping it away from the groin area, and close to the body. The Concept includes internal Classic Upgrade & Flex Upgrade features, added bag & band discretion, as standard features with the width of the band on your torso, tailored to your preferred width. A band that looks like a wrap, but supports & feels like a belt, what a great Concept!

What does ActiveWear mean?

The term ActiveWear refers to the fabric specialization of this ostomy bag band, or, the specific type of materials that will be used to make your support. ActiveWear fabric is a wick material, with antimicrobial qualities, that is designed to reduce the sweat build-up on the skin, under the product. This fabric is combined with a medical grade, perforated neoprene lining, inside of the ostomy band, allowing the support band to move with the body, without causing discomfort & without losing it's shape or support. This combination of materials, strategic tailoring & the measurements you provide, allows for a snug, supportive, and heat reducing fit.

Why choose an ActiveWear Concept Ostomy Bag Support Band?

The ActiveWear Concept Ostomy Bag Support Band is suitable for any weather yet specialized for warmer climates or activities. This ostomy band is ideal for those who are looking for the support of a belt/band, but like the look & wear style of a wrap. Combined with a perforated neoprene internal structure, the wick fabric of the ActiveWear materials will help to aerate the area under the band, eliminating bag sweat and keeping the appliance flush on the body.

This ostomy bag support band is perfect for the ostomate who has experienced reduced appliance wear time due to leaking or flange/wafer adhesive issues & is looking to extend the time between changing appliances, &/or who needs that added support for getting back to life activities, like working out, playing sports, going to work, or any activity involving frequent bending or stooping; all while staying cool & comfortable. Most recommended for ostomates who prefer to wear their appliance horizontally & with thicker, or less frequent, output. Not recommended for Urostomy, or high output Ileostomy, appliances.

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